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Gaited Morgans promoted by GAITED MORGAN ASSOCIATION is an AMHA National Service Organization, NSO. We were the FIRST OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED CLUB BY AMHA PROUDLY USING THE WORDS "GAITED MORGAN(S)" AS THE NAME OF OUR GAITED MORGAN HORSE ORGANIZATION. "FREE MEMBERSHIP!" The club member receives numerous articles per month reference: Gait; General horse info; Various horse disciplines and Pleasure uses. Member can submit free ads and for sale listings.

Our goal promoting Gaited Morgans is educating members and people using the pages of this website or the facebook page Gaited Morgans Association. This information includes: Breeding; broodmares/foals; Equipment/tack; Gait; Gaited Horsemanship; Health; Hooves; Horse Purchases; Stabl/Farm Management; Nutrition; Trail rides; and Training Tips.

Gaited Morgan Association spearheaded the effort requesting AMHA maintain gene data results of Gaited Morgans evaluated using the UC Davis SynchroGait Gene Test. Explanation of the SynchroGait Gene test can be found at Gait Analysis/Verified Gaited Morgans The page also shows those Gaited Morgans tested and reported to AMHA for inclusion on the page. The AMHA BOD during the Feb 2015 AMHA Convention approved the test to be provided by AMHA using UC Davis. As the information is upladed on the AMHA website further details will be provided.

How does the DNA Gene Test affect you as a potential buyer or breeder whether gaited or non gaited? The AA horse normally gaits from birth and only gets stronger in gait. The CA horse may only gait a short period, a few months. Then demonstrates gait under saddle. The DNA Gene test would be helpful in determining whether a horse is CA or CC for the horse who stops gaiting and then gaits again under saddle or the horse which never gaited and starts gaiting under saddle. The article written by Lee Zeigler Convert The Trot can be helpful in improving the gait of a gaited horse or train a trotting horse to gait. The test could be used by those who do not want any gait gene in their horse and use the test to verify the horse is CC.

The DNA Gene test for gait is currently very expensive at $350. The DNA Gene test developer, Capilet, has stated it will work with AMHA and UC Davis to lower the costs, but will not say how much. AMHA so far has decided there is not enough interest. So until more people use the DNA Gene test AMHA will not act and thus the people are hesitant to pay for the test. So basically a stand off currently, but a few breeders have or are going to test. They see the DNA Gene test as a means to improve the Gaited Morgans gene poole so only strongly gaited foals are produced and also a guranatee to verify the horse being sold is naturally gaited. The bottom line if the dam and sire are both AA. Then only strongly gaited foals will result which seem to sell themselves.

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